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Prior to our transitions to counseling, JoAnna was a bank manager and Joe was a circuit design engineer and managed a semiconductor chip business for two multinational corporations.

Unless you work in rare circumstances, work life is at best filled with a myriad of daily challenges: unrealistic expectations, unfulfilling tasks, stress, incompetent colleagues and managers, too much email, efficiency-killing bureaucracy, and competing political agendas.  At worst, it’s an environment of humiliation, long hours, deception, cynicism, powerlessness, and toxicity that can be nearly impossible to face every day.  You may even feel trapped – you can’t quit but staying seems unbearable. 

Of course, we can and should make efforts every day to improve the situations we find ourselves enduring. That said, the reality is that we aren’t going to be able to alter most situations to the extent that we would prefer.  We can’t change people very effectively and, consequently, we will also find it difficult to change an environment regardless of how toxic or dysfunctional it may be.  Toxic work environments don’t just happen, they are created and sustained via a complex interplay of many factors and forces.  In short, we can’t change ‘the system’ and frustration, stress, and even sadness will inevitably result if this is our only strategy for dealing with the circumstances. 

So, what can we do, realistically and practically, in order to thrive?  What path is guaranteed to be effective?  We can do the one thing all humans are experts in: we can adapt.  We can grow until our internal capabilities exceed those required by the situation.  We can grow in our ability to cope with difficulty and grow in wisdom so that there is less to cope with over time.  In so doing, we can become an example to others – often the only thing we can realistically do to change the situation anyway.

The somewhat blunt reality is that there is always a large component of our unhappiness that results from a less than ideal approach to the circumstances.  You may even be able to see that better reactions seem possible for others but can’t figure out why they aren’t available to you.  At Mind & Bodhi Therapy, we help you understand why things are as they are and why you feel and react in the ways you do.  Most importantly, we help you develop the skills you will need in order to feel a whole lot better and, dare we say, thrive within difficulty.  We aren’t miracle workers, nor are we suggesting that you are going to come to love painful meetings, unrealistic deadlines, or your toxic boss, but you will learn to work within all of it and be comfortable and content no matter how things go. 

Call for a short consultation.  You are the expert on your life, it won’t take long for you to determine if we have anything interesting and substantive to contribute to your journey towards wellbeing.  We are confident that you will, and we look forward to working with you.   

Common Questions and Concerns About Corporate Solutions Counseling

Are you suggesting that my negative feelings are my fault and not the fault of the toxic work environment?

No, we are suggesting that significantly altering the situation isn’t realistic much of the time, so you need to get to a place where you are ok even when things aren’t great, or even far from it.  We firmly believe the only practical way to do that is to develop yourself.

I am very skeptical about counseling, therapy, or whatever you want to call it.

It’s not about counseling or therapy, it’s about helping you develop the skills you need to deal effectively with the increasingly challenging circumstances you find yourself facing. We ask that you reserve judgment until you talk with us – your experience with us is likely to be far different than what you expect or what you may have experienced in the past with other therapists. 

If I’m honest, authentic, and even vulnerable at work, people will lose respect for me.

Actually, when done correctly, the opposite occurs.  It’s more likely that you will come to be known as someone who is on extremely solid ground (regardless of circumstances), reliable, and able to handle it all while staying true to who you are as a person.  Maintaining peace of mind in all circumstances is nothing short of a superpower, and it won’t take long for others to notice.

What typically causes the process to fail?

Closed mindedness, an unwillingness to change, and an unwillingness to do some work on yourself, are the three primary factors that hinder progress. 

I’ve got a lot going on in my head, I am anxious, depressed, and drink every night to have a moment of peace and to sleep.  What can I realistically expect?

Sorry to answer a question with a question, but what are you willing to do in order to feel differently?  For those willing to work and be patient with themselves and the process, there is no situation that cannot be significantly improved.

What is your general approach to therapy? 

We use a wide variety of techniques in order to tailor the process to the individual in front of us.  That said, there are some relatively consistent themes that we apply according to the philosophies we subscribe to.  We firmly believe that peace and happiness are internal conditions requiring cultivation, as opposed to external conditions requiring great force to create and stress and worry to maintain.  We specialize in mindfulness-based techniques, including those applied within cognitive therapies.  Mindfulness, defined as the ability to direct the mind wherever, whenever, and for however long one wishes, is a critical life skill that we help people develop.  We also specialize in psychoeducation, which is a fancy word for helping people understand how their minds work for and against them within conscious experience.  Lastly, for those clients for whom traumas or addiction processes are a factor, we offer specialized techniques to specifically address those challenges.

Are you just going to teach me a bunch of self-help coping skills that I could get from a book?

Your treatment depends on you since you are the expert on your life and your growth path.  We are here to support you, not tell you what you need.  That said, sure, we can help you cope in the short term, and we can also help you grow over time to the point where there isn’t much left to cope with.  Yes, it is possible and, yes, it is possible for you

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