Is Alcohol Abuse Wreaking Havoc on Your Life? 

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Is your alcohol use starting to feel out of control? Perhaps you worry that what began as “normal” use has crossed the line into abuse or even addiction. Or, maybe you’ve suffered consequences related to your drinking, such as a DUI, incarceration or losing your job or the respect of your friends, family, partner or spouse. Has your physical health or emotional wellbeing taken a down turn, leaving you feeling persistently sad or on edge, anticipating your next drink? Maybe you feel like you have to drink before work or school just to manage the tasks of the day, and have been concealing your use from everyone around you. Do you wish you could just understand why you feel this way and become better equipped to control your desire to drink? 

Living with a dependence on alcohol can be a rocky experience. Prioritizing alcohol can cause you to disconnect from family and friends and experience heavy feelings of anxiety, depression, shame and isolation. Maybe you want to stop or limit your use but don’t feel like you can because you’re surrounded by friends or social situations that encourage drinking. Or, maybe your mind feels chaotic, and alcohol seems to be the only thing that soothes your worry. You may feel unable to imagine another way to feel at peace with yourself. 

Many People Struggle With Alcohol Use 

If you are struggling with an alcohol use, you are not alone. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 16.3 million adults have an alcohol use disorder. And, nearly 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcohol the fourth leading preventable cause of death in the United States. With the immense availability and prominence alcohol has in our culture, it can be difficult to avoid environments that don’t encourage substance use. 

Although many people consume alcohol to help them connect to other people and wind down, it becomes a problem when the habit causes persistent conflict and difficulties in your life, and you feel unable to stop. Although it may seem like alcohol provides you with some relief, it’s only a temporary solution, and overall it may cause more damage than it prevents. If you begin each day feeling sick or irritable after a night of drinking, or if substance use has impaired your ability maintain relationships, your job performance, finances, health or other general functions, substance abuse treatment can help you learn about the nature of addiction and attain the tools you need to work toward balance and recovery. 

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Can Provide Guidance and Relief

In a safe, non-judgmental therapy environment, you can openly express your needs and desires and receive careful, compassionate and objective feedback from a professional who understands what you’re going through. Because I want to help you attain meaningful, long-lasting positive change and relief, I do not have a pre-determined, one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment. During our sessions together, we will work collaboratively to formulate a treatment plan that works specifically with your goals, interests and values. 

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We will also work together to uncover the elements that both cause and sustain your drinking problem. Perhaps you’re already aware of some deep-seeded issues, such as a family history of alcoholism or an experience of trauma. At a pace that works for you, we will explore the underlying root of distressing emotions and triggers and how you can learn to effectively manage them. With support and guidance, you can learn to recognize physical sensations of anxiety and depression in your body, and how to cope when those sensations trigger your impulse to drink. By developing the acute ability to recognize these signs, along with practicing healthy coping strategies, such as breathing and muscle relaxing exercises, you can become more aware and prepared to handle challenges when they arise.

With the help of a skilled and empathic therapist, you can learn to utilize your inherent strengths and work toward sustainable and lasting change that fosters your ability to pursue your deepest interests and desired lifestyle. I am a licensed clinical social worker and a licensed addictions counselor. With my support and your willingness to commit to the therapy process, recovery is possible. I’ve helped many individuals, including those who have been court-mandated, devise an effective strategy and achieve their personal therapy goals.  

Although you understand the benefit of alcohol abuse counseling, you may still have some questions or concerns about alcoholism treatment... 

I’m afraid that I’ll fail. 

It’s very common to have fears about failure. However, failure is a natural part of life and a necessary element of success. Whenever we experience failure, it reveals an opportunity for profound growth and change. You may have a lot riding on your ability to effectively overcome alcohol abuse, such as maintaining your relationships or ability to function well at work. The good news is that you don’t have to go through any of this alone. Together, we will work toward getting to the root of your fear while developing strategies to manage it. These strategies can mitigate your urges while they expose elements that both cause and sustain your substance abuse. 

The truth is, I like drinking and don’t want to stop. 

For many people, alcohol helps them relax, be social and enjoy themselves. This may even describe some elements of your relationship to alcohol. However, if you’re worried that sobriety won’t be any fun, I invite you to consider all of the damage alcohol has caused in your life. If you have been ordered by a judicial court to receive substance abuse counseling, it seems that alcohol has had a deeply negative impact on your life. Imagine what life would be like if you didn’t need alcohol to relax, be social or enjoy yourself. Counseling allows you the opportunity to understand your relationship with alcohol and move forward to create balance and harmony in your life. With some guidance and support, you can start to feel better both physically and mentally, repair old ruptures, maintain closer bonds in your relationships and ultimately become the in-control, vibrant person you always wanted to be. 

Alcohol helps me cope. 

Substances may provide temporary relief from sadness and stress, but counseling can provide you with effective strategies and tools that promote long-term solutions and relief. With some objective guidance from an addiction therapist, you can understand what’s at the root of your distress and learn how to make positive, lasting transformations. 

You Can Reclaim Your Life

If you are ready to learn more about alcohol abuse and take the necessary steps to find long-term relief, or if you have any questions or concerns about therapy and my practice, please call or email me to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation.


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